'' THOMAS", A sligthly unorthodox look at my life

love hot good looking black bois, they just know how to do it better

Thomas Allen
"scream" as I'm called or if you prefer Thomas. I'm a well tanned white boy, I'm, 5ft12, 135lbs, ok maybe 140 at times. blue eyes, light auburn/reddish hair less I change it what I'm been known to do. Have few pictures so that leaves reading, swimming, bike riding, keeping fit. Chatting with my friends, Skype. Live with parents in Atlanta what I'm adopted to, they are the greatest and they are black.
State kid from 9,to many fosters homes,to much abuse to even start to think about it anymore. I'm gay, queer, fagot, homo what ever you want to call it. I'm out, I'm loud and can be annoying and in your face if I want to. Love to have fun but one of those kids that lacks common sense at times and wind in trouble, just stupid stuff. Love good fitting cargo shorts,hoodies and hot underwear. Lived in Atlanta for all my life save for couple years first born. Mother died in TX prison 2010, no idea who my father is and don't think she did either. I was straight A plus school boy graduating at 92 out of 1400 seniors but, outside school I can be so lost without someone to be with me, lets just say outside school I'm not high function boy at times. Took three time to rehab before I got the idea they wanted me to stop drinking. It didn't work till a friend beat the shit out of after telling him I stopped and he new I hadn't.
I like black guys and prefer to be with them, especially naked in bed,just submissive with them, they just know how to do it right but with white boy's. I can be very submissive . I'm no lines totaled tanned shaved boy.
I Live with Three hot black guys in CT. My adopted parents are black.
I don't drive but I'm learning to. Not into trading pictures and not into "phone sex" thank you. IN COLLEGE now in Rhode Island.
I'm not the "good little gay fagot boy what I make myself out to be sometimes, lets see committed couple times 2009, couple again 2010, once in 2011 to "mental Health"(nut house) hospital, alcohol rehab couple time, That didn't work at all an ya I'm really 22 and what all I'm so stupid at times and lately my incompetent wild imagination has been intimidated into thinking I'm going thou puberty again. I get so horny lately an all I can do is sit in some class playing with myself what all hoping not to get caught while listening to some professor who's only claim in life is his belief that political correctness is all right so long as it reduces people to paranoid morons who aren't sure how to spell "fagot" or "fagget" all the time subliminally messaging us an what telling us "liars will go further in life, and the sooner we learn that the better off we'll be", but I'm stubborn,I never learned to lie very well so I'm in trouble all the time, go figure. I'm emotionally incompetent, mentally insane with papers to prove it, spend way to much time with my friends than my therapist, easily intimidated into hot kinky dirty sweaty awesome sex with just about any good looking black guy with hot smooth body an nice equipment or ya cute white boy (if I have to) both that got the balls to get naked in a room full of here friends while we have hot naked sex till the sweats making our body's glisten in the dim light and there cheering is on to climax. I believe in the phase "pain is inevitable; "suffering is optional", I'm in pain a lot, an yes I lay wake at night thinking this stuff up lol.